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Frequently Asked Questions about Heating & Air Conditioning

How should I prep my furnace for the winter?

Prep your furnace before the first cold day hits Memphis. If you wait, you may find it isn't even working. Call an HVAC company to get an inspection and tune-up. They will make sure your furnace is safe, energy-efficient, and ready to perform. Be sure you change the filter.

How do I know if it's time for HVAC repairs or a replacement?

How can I tell if my HVAC system is oversized or too small?

It's not uncommon for both homeowners and HVAC professionals to think that an oversized unit is best for a home. Nothing could be further from the truth, so it's great that you're reading this HVAC FAQ for answers. Here are some problems that the wrong sized system will cause:

How often do I need HVAC maintenance?

For homeowners and commercial HVAC system owners, an HVAC maintenance plan is your best answer to enjoying longer lasting equipment, fewer repairs, and more energy efficiency. Your technician will need to advise you on how often your particular equipment needs to be professionally maintained. Older systems will need more attention.

Old or new, an HVAC maintenance plan will save you money. If you are a homeowner and don't wish to sign up for a membership club plan, make sure you get a tune up twice per year just before the seasons change.

If you are looking for a professional Memphis HVAC company, please call 901-867-1527 or complete our online request form.