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How To Know If Your Commercial HVAC System Is Oversized

As Memphis HVAC contractors, we often come across commercial HVAC systems that are oversized. The business owners are constantly frustrated with the comfort level of their building and how high their energy bills are.

It's unfortunate that many industry professionals and building owners think that an oversized HVAC system is a good idea. This idea is misguided and couldn't be further from the truth. The Memphis building owner usually winds up with the expense of replacing the equipment years earlier than they should have to.

If you are wondering whether your problems are due to an oversized commercial HVAC system, you'll want to know what the signs and symptoms are. First, let us tell you what happens when your Memphis commercial HVAC system is oversized or undersized. Believe it or not, the results are very similar whether it's too big or small.

What Happens When an HVAC System is Too Big or Small

  • We mentioned high humidity problems above. When an HVAC system is oversized, it won't stay on long enough to dehumidify the air inside your building. This results in mold and mildew problems.
  • If the equipment is too large or small, it won't be able to comfortably heat and cool the space.
  • The equipment will age way before it is supposed and will experience more mechanical problems than it should.

Signs Your HVAC System is Oversized

You'll need an experienced commercial HVAC contractor to determine whether or not your equipment is oversized. However, there are some signs you may recognize which indicate your HVAC system is too large for the square footage of your building.

High humidity inside – An oversized heating and cooling system will make your building too humid. This is because the equipment won't stay on long enough to circulate the indoor air.

The system isn't keeping your building comfortable – An oversized HVAC unit can't keep your building comfortable because it will turn on and off too quickly. The equipment should stay on for just over 30 minutes before shutting down. If yours is only running 10 to 15 minutes, it's very likely oversized.

Need An HVAC Evaluation In Memphis?

Our Memphis HVAC company is here to offer you service anytime you need it. This includes inspecting your commercial HVAC equipment and building to determine the proper cooling and heating load. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment or to ask questions.