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How To Decide Between AC Repairs vs. Replacement In Arlington, TN

It's a big decision to choose between AC repairs vs. replacement for your Arlington, TN home. A lot of factors enter into this difficult choice, ranging from concerns about your family’s daily comfort and safety to budgetary worries, equipment reliability, and future repair costs.

Nance Services can help you to make the best decision for your Arlington home. Take comfort in knowing that our HVAC company actually has a proven formula to help you make an informed decision. We’ll walk you through our cost comparison chart and 7-step formula for predicting the remaining life of your furnace or air conditioner versus the cost of repairs.

Ultimately, it’s your Arlington home, so you’ll be the judge to decide between AC repairs vs. replacement. However, we can give you an objective view to help you make an informative decision between AC repairs vs. replacement.

If you do choose a replacement, our professionals can assist with available financing options. All you have to do is ask, and we’ll be happy to discuss them!

5 Factors To Help You Choose Between AC Repairs & Replacement

  1. Age of your Arlington AC - If your air conditioning system is over 12 years old, a replacement will probably be a better investment than to keep on repairing it.
  2. Are extensive repairs needed or minor? - Extensive AC repairs can be expensive. For example, replacing the condenser coils requires extensive labor and the coil itself comes at a significant cost.
  3. Are the cost of the AC repairs less than 50% of a replacement? - If the cost of the repairs is less than half of what a replacement costs, you are probably better off repairing the AC, but only if the repairs are done right the first time.
  4. Have there been many major AC repairs over the last 10 years? - If this is the third time you've dealt with major AC repairs over the last ten years, it's time to replace the equipment.
  5. When your air conditioning system is undersized or oversized. - We often come across homes with the wrong sized HVAC system. The homeowners are constantly frustrated with the comfort level of their home and how high their energy bills are. The replacement may be the better choice.